We have put together the following information to help you to understand how you can access us when you need us.

  1. Who do I need to see?
  2. How can I book an appointment?
  3. I can’t seem to see the same person twice
  4. Accessing services online
  5. I just need some advice about my condition
  6. Telephone appointments have worked for me, can I still book these?
  7. I don’t need an appointment I need a letter or fit note
  8. Chronic condition reviews with practice nurse
  9. Visiting the surgery


1.  Who do I need to see?

Our medical receptionists can help to ensure you navigate to the most appropriate member of the team. In order to do this we have asked them to ask for a brief outline of your problem. Whilst we respond to coronavirus please follow the advice from our reception team.  There may be longer waits on the telephone and changes to usual procedures and services in the interim.

Did you know that if you need to speak with someone about your mental health or a musculoskeletal problem you can book an appointment without a referral from your GP. Click on the links for further information about these staff.

2.  How can I book an appointment?

Patients can choose to consult with us in person by booking a face to face appointment at the surgery or to consult with us remotely by telephone. We have found certain things suit each of these methods so please consider the lists below when booking;

In person at the surgery;

  • First time wanting advice about a health problem
  • Whenever the clinician is likely to need to examine a part of your body
  • If you feel it would be easier for you to communicate with us in person


  • Where a clinician has recommended this as follow up
  • For consultations where you think it can be dealt without us seeing you

Home Visits; our process for home visits has not changed. We would politely request that visits are requested before 10:30am with a brief reason for the request. All routine and and urgent home visits will be triaged to see if a visit is required and to ensure you are seen by the most appropriate person. 

3.  I can’t seem to see the same person twice

Whichever type of appointment you book please consider the benefit of waiting to see the clinician of your choice. By planning your visit in advance you can get the most out of your appointment. Please read and watch patient stories of the benefits of continuity of care. For urgent appointments continuity will not be possible.

4.  Accessing services online

For most patients the easiest way to access your online record is by downloading the Airmid App. If you do not have a smartphone you can log in to your account here. We can help you if you are having any problems using your online access.

Telephone appointments are available to book online.

Face to face appointments have to be booked via our phone line at this moment.

5.  I just need advice about my condition

You can seek general advice at nhs 111. If this does not give you the advice you need you can complete an e-consultation with us here. Please note you can expect a response from the practice by the end of the next working day.

6.  Telephone appointments have worked for me, can I still book these?

Yes! But please consider the points above as to whether this is the most suitable type of appointment for you. 

Please note that if you feel your problem cannot wait until the next routine appointment all urgent appointments will be done at the surgery in person. This is following our own reviews and listening to our patients – recognising this as being the safest and most effective route to urgent care.  

For urgent appointments you will be likely be booked with our team of Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs) who represent a key part of our expanding workforce within the Valleys.  ACPs are qualified healthcare professionals who come from a variety of backgrounds such as nursing, pharmacy, paramedic and physiotherapy.

7.  I don’t need an appointment, I need a letter or fit note

For administrative queries you can complete an e-consultation. If upon review we need to arrange an appointment with you we will then contact you.

8.  Chronic condition reviews with practice nurse

We remain committed to proactively looking after our patients with long term conditions. We have a safe system for contacting patients when they are due for review and so unless we have asked you to book an appointment you do not need to contact us unless you feel your circumstances have changed. Depending on your condition and needs this may be a face to face or telephone appointment.

9.  Visiting the surgery

If you are attending the surgery for any reason, such as to pick up a prescription or to attend an appointment please wear a face mask / covering. We are unable to provide these so please ensure you have your own. We may refuse to see you if you do not wear a face mask – please read our face mask policy

We have a range of measures in place to keep patients as safe as possible, including regular cleaning of patient areas and social distancing.