Other Services

We are very proud to act as a hub for our patients to access a multitude of NHS teams and clinics. Working alongside these professionals on our sites allows us to have regular discussions to improve patient care. If you have any questions about these teams such as what they provide or how to access them please speak to your GP.

Counselling and Therapy

You can refer yourself to NHS Talking Therapies (previously known as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) who provide a choice of services for people experiencing common mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, panic and obsessive compulsive disorder. Please call them on 01484 343700 or complete an online form and read about their service here.


The child and adolescent mental health services team now operate from our surgery. More information about them is available here.

To be referred to their team please see your GP.

Alcohol and Drug support

Your doctor can refer you for support to help with problematic drinking or drug use, or you can refer yourself, to the Drug and Alcohol Service in Kirklees.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic patients are contacted to attend the Diabetic eye screening clinic.

Antenatal Clinics

Run by the Community Midwives every Tuesday by appointment or by telephoning the surgery.  At other times the Community Midwives may be contacted by telephoning 01484 343356.

Warfarin Clinics

Elmwood runs clinics for patients to have their warfarin levels controlled. This Anticoagulation service has the ability to test a patient’s INR (International Normailised Ratio, or blood clotting time) and alter their dosage of warfarin accordingly.