Nurse-led Clinics

Long Term Condition Clinics

Regular monitoring and management are offered to patients who suffer from coronary heart disease, asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), hypertension, CKD and diabetes. You will be asked to attend an annual review appointment, usually around your birthday, but our practice nurses will often see patients with these conditions on a more frequent basis to manage them under protocols laid down by the medical team. You can find more information about our Long Term Condition reviews here.

NHS health checks

We offer health checks for people aged 40 to 74 who do not have any of the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Ischaemic Heart Disease
  • Hypertension
  • History of Stroke / TIA
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (level 3-5)
  • Medication for Hyperlipidemia

You will need to complete a questionnaire, book a blood test, followed by a health check appointment with the Healthcare Assistant, usually about a week later.  Please ask our receptionists for further details.


Our nursing team can administer the following vaccinations for travel, and these are free of charge;

  • Diphtheria
  • Typhoid
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella)
  • Hepatitis A
  • Cholera

These should be given at least 2 weeks before the date of travel in order to gain full immunity from them.

Patients should complete a self-assessment via the NaTHNaC travel website, and check the Foreign travel advice available on before travel. If on your self-assessment, it recommends other travel vaccinations not listed above, these are available at a private travel clinic (google ‘travel clinics near me’).

Visit any of the following websites to check what travel advice is given for your travel destination (click on each for the link)

Other Nurse clinics

We also offer –

  • An annual review for patients with a Learning Disability – for more information on what happens in a Learning Disability health check and why it’s important to attend, please visit
  • Wound care
  • Cervical Screening (Smear tests)
  • Contraception services (pill checks and contraceptive injections)
  • ECGs (Electrocardiogram)
  • Health checks for newly registered patients
  • Other specialist injections