Consultant Clinics

If a patient requires an appointment with a consultant, the practice will use the NHS e-Referral System to book an appointment which is most convenient for the patient.

What is the NHS E-Referral Service?

If you have been referred by your GP for an appointment with a healthcare provider, such as a hospital, you may be able to book your appointment using the NHS e-Referral Service. You can choose the date and time of your appointment and your GP may be able to book your appointment there and then.

However, you have the right to think about your choices, compare different options and book your appointment at a later stage. If so, you’ll be given an appointment request letter, which includes your unique booking reference number, NHS Number and a list of hospitals or clinics to choose from. In addition you’ll be given a password, which allows you to book your appointment via the NHS e-Referral Service either online on the NHS e-Referral System, or over the phone using the NHS e-Referral Service line on 0345 608 8888.

NHS e-Referral Service will also give you the ability to:

  • plan and manage your appointments around any existing appointments, if you are currently undergoing treatment
  • fit your treatment in with your other commitments, at home and at work
  • choose appointments that fit with your carer’s schedule
  • check the status of your referral and change or cancel your appointments easily, either over the phone or online.

Speak to your GP about your choices and read the section about choosing a hospital for more advice.

I’m not good with the internet, where can I get help?

There are a number of different services for people who need internet training. 

The best place to start would be your local library.

Learn My Way‘ is a website of free online learning for beginners, helping you develop digital skills. There are simple tips and instructions that can help you to become a more confident internet user.

The ‘Get Safe Online‘ website provides advice and guidance on how to keep yourself and others safe online.

More than 90% of healthcare providers allow you to book your appointment through the NHS e-Referral Service. Where this is not possible, this will be indicated on your Appointment Request letter by a picture of a phone next to the relevant provider. You or your GP will then have to book directly with the hospital or service using the phone number indicated on the letter.