Telephone appointments are now available to book online.

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Due to the COVID pandemic, we have had to change the way we provide care to our patients, whilst remaining open and responsive. The biggest change you may have noticed is that we now offer telephone appointments in the first instance, or e-consults. The GP or other health care provider will then assess whether a face-to-face appointment is needed for your health care need, or whether they can deal with your concern safely and effectively over the telephone.

We are pleased to say that telephone appointments are now available to book online.

If you think you need a face-to-face appointment, please complete an E-Consult first, and a health care professional, usually a GP, will assess the best way to treat you.

Elmwood Family Doctors now employ a range of health care professionals, including Advanced Clinical Practitioners, Physician Associates, and Pharmacists. There are also First Contact Physiotherapists available to book an appointment with directly, if your concern is in regard to a musculoskeletal condition. Your health care need will be directed to the most appropriate clinician.